Senior management reshuffle at PTP

Personal Touch Packaging has undergone a senior management reshuffle, to help boost its customer service team.

PTP has placed its marketing and communications director, along with its sales director and operations director in redundancy, which has enabled it to take on five extra staff to work at the lower end of the scale.

Rob Jupp, managing director at PTP says it was a difficult decision to make, but in order to expand the business it had to make the changes.

Jupp says: “Like a lot of firms we had quite a top heavy senior management team when the market was very buoyant, however when the market turns you need to review your business and see who you need and who you don’t. We weren’t prepared to cut our service to intermediaries by cutting the people who were at the sharp end of our pyramid, such as those that answer the phones and place the cases, we needed to expand those for the business to expand. The only way we could do that is to cut other areas of the business.”

Jupp says for every member of senior management it made redundant it allowed it to take on up to three additional staff.

PTP has also been able to relocate the staff members it made redundant and find places for them at the OFM Group, Jupp’s brokerage business.