Platform integrates with Enterprise

Platform has completed the first stage of its technology integration with broker services provider Enterprise Group.

From today brokers who are registered with Enterprise and Platform can obtain key facts illustrations directly from Enterprise’s in-house sourcing system EDGE V2.

They can do so without having to re-key client details, therefore saving time by making the overall applications process more efficient.

It is anticipated that ongoing integration work between the two companies will allow Platform’s full application process to be made available through EDGE V2 in the coming months.

Sean McDonnell, head of ecommerce at Platform, says: “We have a commitment to continually improve our systems and processes with developments that make doing business with Platform faster and more efficient.

“The improved customer service and associated improvements to our technological capability offered by working with Enterprise are clear to all parties involved.”

McDonnell adds: “We look forward to working with Enterprise in the future and are confident that this first step will lead to the delivery of Platform’s full application process being available through EDGE V2 in the near future.”

Harry Landy, managing director of EDGE V2, says: “Platform has been a big supporter of EDGE and they were keen to achieve full integration. I am delighted to say that we have now achieved exactly that.”