Mortgages for Business urges brokers not to overlook packagers

Mortgages for Business is advising brokers to make the most of packagers in the Current Market Climate

Mortgage brokers struggling to place cases can save time, add value for clients and maintain client relationships if they go to the right packager says Mortgages for Business.

The latest figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders have revealed a 16 year low for new mortgage lending in February and there is no sign of this market contraction stopping in the near future.

Nick Blunt, Head of business partner development at Mortgages for Business, says: “As the market contracts and lending criteria tightens, brokers are finding it increasingly difficult to place cases. This is where we can help.” He adds: “Mortgages for Business has exclusive access to a number of lenders in the market who will lend on cases that other lenders won’t even look at.”

Mortgages for Business believes that it is not only in the placing of cases that packagers can add value.

Blunt says: “In the current market conditions brokers are spending all their time dealing with difficult cases and in doing so they are missing out on other opportunities in the market. Mortgages for Business can assist brokers hugely by providing dedicated case managers to manage individual cases, access to specialist buy-to-let sourcing tool ‘Bluesky’ and dedicated marketing support for individual campaigns.”