Mortgage Next seminars deemed a success

Mortgage Next seminars hosted in Edinburgh and Manchester have been deemed a success by brokers, says the firm.

Brokers who attended the seminars say the recent events helped them identify and exploit extra income opportunities, says the packager.

Lisa Barber, sales and marketing director at Mortgage Next, says: “We’re delighted with both the turnout and response to our first two regional workshops.

“Brokers tell us that the workshops have given them valuable food for thought about how to increase their income in a far more difficult trading environment.”

She adds: “We cover a wide range of subjects including how to farm your client bank, budget selling to maximise income, how to effectively convert purchased leads, when to use alternative debt solutions and the opportunities available in the overseas mortgage market. “

The firm says it has an important role to play in helping brokers identify and exploit new business opportunities.

It plans to host six workshops which will be running until the middle of June.

The remaining workshops are being held in Maidstone, Chingford, Liverpool, Birmingham, Heathrow and Cardiff.

They start at 10am and finish with lunch at 12.30pm and are open to any broker.