HomeLoan Partnership’s sales show healthy increase

Worthing based mortgage network, HomeLoan Partnership, is embarking on a round of business development forums in Manchester and Crawley this month as sales increase.

Martin Cave, managing dircetor at HomeLoan Partnership, says: “March 2008 mortgage sales matched the same period last year and insurance sales showed a healthy increase. We continue to add new initiatives to our network proposition, and this attracts new members. Brokers attending the Forums will find out how they can enjoy additional income streams from debt management counselling, lead generation, fly-to-let overseas property markets, commercial loans and building society guaranteed bonds for cash investors – something new for everyone.”

HomeLoan Partnership has also recently provided its members with its own new business control system, developed fully in-house and giving ARs real-time access to MI.

Cave adds: “This gives members numerous reports to help them to analyse MI for themselves as part of the network’s TCF culture.”