Brokers are sick of wasting time hanging on the telephone

I would like to share my thoughts with Mortgage Strategy readers about the unacceptable way brokers are being treated by most lenders.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to contact lenders and we are spending a growing percentage of our working lives hanging on automated answering systems waiting for voices at the other end of the line.

Unfortunately, in most cases the voices are never heard.

BDMs are becoming a thing of the past too. Where have they all gone? I am forever leaving messages on their mobiles only to be ignored or contacted days later, by which time I’ve lost my customers.

I’m sure I speak for the majority of brokers when I say that it’s time for lenders to bolster the number of their trained staff to provide us with acceptable service.

I am sick of spending hours on the telephone every time I need to discuss the minutiae of clients’ cases. At least 50% of my working week is lost in this fruitless endeavour.

All we hear from lenders is the annoying and increasingly hollow message about how important brokers are to them. Well, if we are so important why don’t they pick up the phone and talk to us?

I would name and shame the firms involved but this seems pointless as they are all at it nowadays.

As a result of lenders’ non-existent service we cannot always treat our customers fairly as we can’t give them answers in time.

Rob Stead
Mortgage adviser
Gateway Independent Financial Services