A little optimism goes a long way

While watching a recent debate on television regarding the liquidity crisis, somebody asked the question: “Are we guilty of talking ourselves into a recession?” which made me think, are we?

Speaking to one packager this week, he informed me that he was recruiting eight new business development managers because he believed the market would soon be on its way back, and he wanted to be geared up to cope with demand. I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there that hope his predictions come true, while others may think it is foolish approach to take while the market is still unsteady.

Either way, it’s sending out the right message, in the same way that Gordon Brown did this week when he announced his bond plans, which he hopes will be the saviour for the British economy.

Only time will tell if it actually works, but what is perhaps more important will be the affect it has on consumer confidence. Thousands can be wiped from a firm’s shares in one day if it gets some negative PR or its share holders hear whispers of financial trouble, in the same way that shares can increase in value if it’s rumoured that the firm is about to see an increase in business volumes, it is all about perceptions.

While it is hard to stay positive with so much negativity around, it is important to remain upbeat and remain positive about the market.