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Online storage facility launched

With nearly one million British homes burgled in 2003, a house fire every few minutes and British holidaymakers being robbed to the tune of £300m, it&#39s hoped the new internet venture will help both victims and their insurers.

Designed to substantially minimise the impact of loss, theft or damage comprises an online safebox in which the user can record details of their most valued possessions. The safebox can store vital information on anything from scanned copies of important documentspassport, travel tickets, wedding certificate, to photographs and detailsof jewellery, laptops, paintings, furniture, mountain bikes and mobile phones.

These details, which can include serial numbers, sales receipts and descriptions of distinguishing marks, mean that insurance claims should be quicker and more successful, accurate replacement should be simple or police retrieval much more likely.

As the safeboxes are held online, the details will never be lost or stolen themselves, and can be accessed only by the safebox key holder wherever they are in the world. And to further ensure absolute security and peace of mind for the user, no address details are required by the site.

Thom Board, founder of, says: “The concept came to me one night while being made to watch Crimewatch by my wife. In terms of technology it&#39s incredibly advanced because it&#39s so secure but it couldn&#39t be simpler to use.

“Before hitting upon the idea I never really thought our household held all that many valuable things but then I started to think about all of our possessions in terms of loss or replacement and I was stunned. Suddenly I had a list of things I could upload from the lawnmower right down to the dog.

“And it stretches far beyond just household items in that it&#39s an incredibly useful resource to travellers, students, sportsmen, car owners, commuters, and businesses.”

At just £1 per item per annum, represents great value. Each item record allows a title and three photographs or scans with corresponding descriptions. Items can be bought in blocks of 10 with the minimum purchase being one block. Further blocks can be purchased and added to the safebox at any stage and each block is always operational for a full 365 days from point of purchase.

He adds: “Before we launched the facility we undertook a lot of market research and just about everyone we spoke to loved the idea. Whether it was climbing equipment, sentimental photos, a valuable china collection or a new iPod, they all had plenty to upload whether for themselves, a relative or a close friend.

“ proves just how the world wide web continues to expand its uses to make life that little bit easier for people everywhere.”


Santander woos IFAs in race to buy Abbey

The wooing of IFAs came as a result of rumours that Santander would increase the number of mortgages sold through branches to 50%, at the expense of intermediaries. Santander has countered that it has no intention of reducing Abbey&#39s dependence on IFAs and that Abbey would remain a UK-based bank. All things going to plan, […]

Which? warning on panels

In a soon to be published guide to the new financial advice regime that will also cover mortgages Which? will advise consumers to seek out a truly independent adviser – be that for mortgages or other financial advice. Which? principal researcher Teresa Fritz says: “We&#39ll tell people to use an adviser that can search the […]

TBMC receives authorisation from FSA

Ian Wheadon, TBMC director, says: “whilst buy-to-let and commercial mortgages remain predominantly outside of the regulatory parameters, we wanted to ensure that we were in total control of our advertising and marketing activity with reference to MCOB3. “We also wanted to be in a position to cover every eventuality within our specialist market sector to […]

SMS markets products from London Mortgage Company

LMC has also launched a 2% discount until December 31 2005, and a separate 1.75% discount until June 30 2006. Both special payment options are available on all of LMC&#39s current products. Kelvin Cooper, managing director of SMS, says: “This is a welcome addition to SMS&#39 broker armoury. It adds an extra dimension that extends […]

A bull case for US equities?

Neptune video: a bull case for US equities?

Watch Felix Wintle, head of US equities at Neptune, discuss why he believes US equities are in a structural bull market and the key factors that can drive the S&P 500 higher.

In the video, Wintle addresses the following:

• The US market and why — despite equities rising from 2009 — he believes the structural bull market only started in 2013
• Key economic and corporate factors that can drive the S&P 500 higher
• Investment themes and sectors offering exposure to the domestic recovery


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