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Clients gain access to Spanish equity

SPF says it has launched the first product that allows UK owners of Spanish property to release equity of up to 80% of the property value. Until now, releasing equity from a Spanish property, where strong property price increases have occurred in recent years, has been almost impossible beyond 40% of its value.

The product works by allowing clients to swap sterling debt on their current mortgage in the UK for a euro mortgage in Spain. This effectively releases equity from the Spanish property and gives back borrowing capacity in the UK.

Allowing clients to take out a euro mortgage means they can take advantage of the significantly lower Euribor, the European Union equivalent of the UK base rate.

SPF&#39s product allows clients to take out a fixed rate of 3.36% for the first year, followed by a variable rate of 12 month Euribor plus 1% – which currently would total 3.36%.

SPF is continually reviewing and developing its international mortgage capability and is able to offer a full service for France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Caribbean, USA, Canada and Dubai.

Mike Boles, director at Savills Private Finance International, says: “For those who have bought property in Spain using cash or money borrowed on their main residence, this is an excellent opportunity to be seriously considered.

“Remortgaging Spanish property has been virtually impossible until now and this product makes it much easier. This product also allows owners to switch to significantly lower European rates of interest and save almost 50% on their repayments.”


MPC admits to being uncertain about future

At a speech at Bloomberg London, MPC member Stephen Nickell admitted that he found the housing market difficult to predict, with the available data sending out mixed messages. He says: “The analysis indicates that there is a significant probability that house prices will fall at some stage, though we cannot of course know by how […]

FSA receives 6,822 requests for application packs

Comparable figures for the general insurance sector were 13,282 registrations for an application pack and 9,191 applications for authorisation up until September 3. With regard to applications for authorisation the estimated breakdown was 5,044 from the primary insurance market and 4,147 from the secondary insurance market. Also, by the end of September 3, 9,614 letters […]

Bananas Inc launches sub-prime mortgage

Its mortgage for purchase and remortgage permits up to six months of missed mortgage payments in the previous 12 months and six months outstanding at the time of application. The arrears can be owed to a sub-prime lender. Individual voluntary arrangements, well conducted for at least six months, are allowed and discharged bankrupts can apply. […]

Baseline Capital appoints sales and marketing director

Richard Coates, managing director of Baseline, says: “I&#39m pleased to have Fletcher on board given his extensive market contacts among lenders, technical knowledge and proven sales track record.” Fletcher worked at Homeloan Management for three years. He says: “Baseline provides me with a host of exciting new challenges. My new role will be focused on […]

Naming a reward programme

Six tips to get your reward programme name right

by Debra Corey, group reward director  Choosing a name isn’t easy. Whether it’s for your new puppy, a bundle of joy or your reward programme, a name determines a first impression – and often a lasting memory. When it comes to your reward programme, the name will determine how your employees feel about it even before […]


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