TMB unveils superhero logo

The Mortgage Business has unveiled a new logo, calendar and supporting cast of superhero characters at the Mortgage Business Expo.

The characters are designed to represent the best attributes of the lender and reflect a sense of fun and personality.

Nigel Payne, managing director of TMB, says: The TMB calendar has become a regular fixture in the mortgage market, and on the desktop of intermediaries and were sure that this latest version will maintain this tradition.

Weve had a remarkable year of success and growth but that doesnt mean that were going to lose the sense of humour and individuality that TMB stands for.

Each of the characters, although fun, represents the values that we believe are at the heart of our business.

The logo has been spruced up but will remain recognisable to our customers with the familiar TMB house and the TMB yellow.

We have ambitious plans for the coming years and have introduced the thought bubble as we want intermediaries, when they think of specialist mortgages, to think of TMB.

These characters and new logo will lead TMB into our next phase of growth.