Stonehaven to join SHIP

Safe Home Income Plans, the UK equity release industry body has welcomed Stonehaven Equity Release to its group.

SHIP represents over 90% of the equity release sector and enforces code of practice and professional rules of conduct bind all of its members. All providers who apply to join SHIP must have products and processes that comply exactly with the SHIP code and rules.

Jon King, chief executive of SHIP, says: We are delighted to welcome Stonehaven Equity Release to SHIP. As the third equity release provider to gain admittance to SHIP this year we have already surpassed the total number of new entrants in 2005.

Stonehaven has enjoyed incredible success since its launch and is opening up the market to borrowers who previously could not gain access. Our 21st new member shows how SHIP is truly coming of age with innovative products taking the market forward.

Jayne Almond, chief executive of Stonehaven Equity Release, says: Stonehavens innovative product range has always been designed with SHIP membership in mind. We recognise the value of the SHIP logo in giving our customers peace of mind and so are delighted to be joining SHIP as its newest member.