Mortgages PLC launches training scheme

Mortgages PLC has introduced a training scheme to help develop business development managers of the future.

As part of the new trainee area manager scheme Mortgages PLC has created three positions aimed at graduates and people looking for a first move into a field sales role.

The scheme aims to equip participants with a thorough knowledge and understanding of all aspects of mortgage lending and the role of a BDM.

The training scheme involves intensive on-the-job tuition in all the key departments of the company including sales, marketing, finance, business analysis, operations and underwriting.

Trainees also attend a wide range of industry events to give them a wider perspective of developments taking place in the industry.

Pete Thomson, sales director at Mortgages PLC, says: We recognise that our future area managers may not necessarily have a background in either sales or mortgage lending.

However, as long as they have the right inter-personal skills, were willing to invest in them in order to fast-track their learning and, ultimately, their career progression.

There is an over reliance by lenders on being able to poach BDMs from other financial organisations.

Companies need to be willing to break-out of this mould and develop their own staff, which is precisely what we are doing.

Mortgages PLCs first trainee area manager is Adam Murray. Murray was previously an accounts assistant in the company and made the decision to make the move into sales a few months ago.

Murray says: This scheme is brilliant. For the first time, it gives people such as myself who dont have a background in mortgage sales, the opportunity to learn quickly about every aspect of the business and get our feet on the first rung of a sales career.

The pace of learning is fast and demanding, but is well worth it. Ive been all over the country since joining and its been an amazing experience.