Mortgageangels alters fee structure has re-vamped its lead distribution online system by launching a new way of pricing its leads.

The leads distributor will charge brokers who want leads on a monthly basis a fee of £29.50 per lead. Those who want leads on demand will have to pay £34.50 per lead.

Brokers can also view leads as they are being gen-erated. Advisers who do not subscribe to either plan will pay £39.50.

Nat Daniels, managing director of mortgageangels, says: “The monthly subscription plan guarantees intermediaries allocation, saving the worry and time spent sourcing other methods of generating business.

“Furthermore, we are not a lead auction site so advisers do not have to waste time bidding. The Leads on Demand and PreView features have been designed to put advisers in control. We have given advisers the ability to decide how they buy leads.

“Giving the ability for an adviser to preview leads before they buy makes our offering a one-stop shop that suits all. Advisers can pick and choose which leads they wish to buy.”

David Hollingworth, mortgage expert at London & Country, says: “The preview service means the focus is on the in- termediary knowing what type of lead they are getting which gives them more control over the leads they buy. The general idea is to make the process of buying leads more user-friendly.”