Does the environmental impact of your house matter to you?

Nolh Clements, 27, events managerI am not in a position to buy a house now, but the environmental impact of a property is definitely something that would be important for me, especially as being environmentally-friendly is a big issue at the moment.

Sam Wilson, 30, managerIt would depend on where the property was. Buildings in London are not that environmentally-friendly. I recycle and try to be as environmentally-friendly as I can but I’m not sure I would cut down on my heating or change my house to make it more environmentally-friendly.

Suzannah Butcher, 23, TV researcherI don’t really think about being more energy-efficient. It does not cross my mind. I make sure I turn the lights off when I’m not at home but that’s about it. To me, double glazing is more important for security than cutting down my home’s heating costs.

Laurence Kemp, 24, agency surveyorAt the moment environmental issues are important and this issue has been brought to my attention a lot. Being environmentally-friendly is important for a lot of people. I know big companies especially like to be energy-efficient. Although double glazing costs more I suppose it cuts the cost of central heating.

Sam Conn, 25, TV researcherI do not think about being energy-efficient. If I’m cold I put the heating on and don’t think about it. The environmental impact of a house would not be an issue for me.

Laurence Clark, 42, graphic designerEnergy conservation is important but to be honest, at this stage I don’t think it’s such a big deal for me as a home owner. I use energy-efficient light bulbs but there isn’t enough being done to households by the authorities. If you look at Switzerland or Germany, they are doing a lot more to make their homes energy-efficient.

Robin Jones, 41, film distributorIt’s not something that would be at the forefront of my mind when looking at a property, as this is not a pressing matter in my life. If houses were built to certain specifications I would be all for it, but right now it isn’t practical.

Mark Illot, 35, booksellerThe environment is a concern for me. I recycle whenever I can and have recently switched my electricity to an eco-friendly source. The overheads are slightly more but I haven’t seen much of a financial difference or a loss in quality by using friendlier electricity. All homes should be run with energy-efficiency in mind.