D&D Homecare launch online product reporting

D&D Homecare, the general insurance distributor arm of the Swansure Group, has launched an online reporting system for both its standard accident sickness and unemployment policies and its new three4free products.

This system will instantly show brokers their monthly and single premium policies and commission reports and details of all their policies whether they are pipeline or live cases, as well as information they will require for their RMAR reporting.

A similar system has been available for our Buildings and Contents products both residential and landlords let since their launch earlier this year and has been well received by brokers who enjoy the simplicity of use and ease of obtaining their specific information.

Similar reports are available on this system, although it does also include application reports, saved quotations and copies of all policy schedules. Reports which will eventually be available for the ASU products.

Paul Thompson, managing director of D&D Homecare, says: We take treating customers fairly seriously and as such believe in making all our reporting information available in real time for the convenience of our brokers, hence the development of this system.

“Should brokers still wish to receive paper reports once a month only, we will be pleased to continue to do so, although we will be encouraging all our brokers to use the new system wherever possible.