AToM offers free valuations with GMAC-RFC

AToM is offering free valuations on all sub-prime mortgages from GMAC-RFC, and a discounted rate of £99 for its panel of onsite lenders.

Its onsite lenders include First National, Future, Kensington, Mortgages PLC, Platform, Rooftop, SPML, Unity and Victoria.

The offer is for all valuations up to £500,000. Additionally for all SPML remortgages AToM will give free legals.

For all GMAC-RFC mortgages AToM will consider the number of CCJs rather than the value when assessing a client’s financial status, a service not available to brokers that go direct to GMAC-RFC.

Dale Jannels, sales AND marketing director at AToM, says: “The introduction of the new POS system has been a great success to our business as it not only makes underwriting decisions quicker and more efficient, but it is also extremely easy to use. We are therefore able to offer a greater range of financial incentives to brokers and their clients.”