AMI reveals static market for adviser recruitment

The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries October mortgage intermediary census has revealed a static market for mortgage adviser recruitment, with a majority of firms not recruiting any additional mortgage advisers in the last 12 months.

Research conducted amongst AMI members shows 80% of firms have not added additional mortgage advisers to their firm in the last year. Of those 20% that have recruited, 52% have added one adviser, 14% two, while 33% have employed three or more.

When asked whether they intended to recruit any additional mortgage advisers to their firms in the next six months, only 20% answered yes, while slightly more were planning to add extra advisers in the next twelve months.

Rob Griffiths, associate director of AMI, says: It seems that the majority of AMI member firms are happy with their staffing levels at present. We did ask firms not to include those advisers they had recruited to replace an adviser who had left the company, so these figures are purely for new blood entering the firm.

More firms are looking to expand their adviser base in the year ahead and it is encouraging to see AMI members planning for a future where their services will be increasingly in demand.