Broker causes controversy on TV game show

A broker with strong opinions made a controversial TV debut last week on Channel 4&#39s latest and nastiest quiz game, Without Prejudice?

The new eight-part Tuesday night show, hosted by Liza Tarbuck, features members of the public who must decide which of five contestants walks off with a £50,000 prize.

Panellists can quiz contestants about their lifestyles. The show is based on the premise that we make up our minds about people within 15 seconds of seeing them.

Dennis Jewitt, a director of Sunderland-based brokerage Regency Mortgages, caused controversy when he declared that gay lifestyles, as practiced by contestant Christopher, were “inherently unnatural,” causing a storm of protest from fellow panellists.

Jewitt is unrepentant. He says: “Of course this is what I think. It&#39s unnatural behaviour. The problem is that the bleeding heart liberals and the gay lobby are trying to normalise it, and doing it very well. If I had said that 20 years ago there would have been no reaction. Despite my views, I do have some gay friends.”

The eventual winner was a white Welsh woman in her mid-40s, although Jewitt doesn&#39t feel any of the contestants were particularly deserving of the prize. He adds: “None of them, in their day-to-day activity, actually did anything for other people, they were all very self-centred.”