Website for landlords proves a success is giving property investors a new outlook on buying residential property.

Having launched just two months ago, the site now hosts a property portfolio worth around 38m, with investors advertising more than 190 properties online.

Set to revolutionise the way landlords invest in buy-to-let housing, allows investors to trade residential property online for the first time.

Trading properties across the UK, the portal is designed to make the process of buying and selling straightforward for time-poor investors.

Without needing to view the property, the investor can bid online and an agreement can be reached subject to surveys and necessary legal checks.

Now with over 600 investors registered on the site, online traffic totalled around 6,000 unique users last month.

Julian Schiller, founder of the website, says: “Finding tenanted housing takes time and as a landlord myself, I have spent hours travelling the country searching for buy-to-let investments.

“Knowing that many landlords only need key information such as yield, price and location to determine a good investment, an online service providing these key three things seemed a straightforward way to make investing easy.”