RAMP ends month-long feud with BM Solutions

The Regulatory Association of Mortgage Packagers has drawn a line under its dispute with BM Solutions\' Michael Bolton and has decided it is time to move on.

The peace meeting between John Rice, managing director of RAMP, and Michael Bolton, director of mortgages at BM Solutions, took place last Wednesday following the Council of Mortgage Lenders’ annual conference.

The feud started in November when Bolton referred to RAMP as ‘RUMP’ in Mortgage Strategy’s letters page.

But Rice says they both left the meeting on friendly terms. He says: “Bolton’s previous comments hadn’t made the distinction between the way different companies are structured. We now have an open dialogue and are going to work together.”

Bolton is adamant both BM Solutions and RAMP can have a working relationship in the future. He says: “I have a lot of respect for Rice and am sure that we can have a working and constructive dialogue going forward.”