PMI Europe appoints senior adviser

PMI Mortgage Insurance has appointed Alberto Costantini as senior adviser to the company in Italy.

Costantini has several decades of banking practice at the highest levels, with extensive experience within the mortgage community in both Italy and across Europe.

In his role with PMI, Costantini will support PMI in refining and executing its Italian strategy. He will do so by assisting the company in establishing stronger links with the local banking and mortgage-related communities.

In addition, Costantini will develop strategies for the future growth of the mortgage market while identifying and broadening market opportunities across Europe.

Tony Porter, managing director of PMI Europe, says: “We are delighted to welcome Costantini to PMI Europe.

“The breadth and depth of his experience and contacts over the last 40 years will prove invaluable to PMI in Europe, particularly as we seek to grow the business in Italy.

“We look forward to working closely with Costantini as we expand our business operations across the European mortgage community.”