e.surv predicts soft landing for the housing market

e.surv has backed results from the Council of Mortgage Lenders’ conference that suggest a soft landing for the housing market.

At present, while overall activity is down, this is a consequence of a combination of three factors seasonality, previous interest rate rises and most importantly, regulation.

Richard Sexton, e.surv national business development manager, says: “The industry now appears to be well on the way to having dealt with the teething problems resulting from M Day.

“In fact, many of our clients are giving us an indication that they intend to return to the market strongly from January 1.

“As the industry faces tougher times it tends to be the quality providers who do well, and we believe that the market in 2005 will be one in which e.surv and its sister company Your Move Estate Agency, will be able to expand their respective market shares.

“This will be achieved through growing the client base, but also we will consider strategic acquisitions.”