Come on Northern Rock, can we have some service please?

From Brian Humphreys

I submitted an AIP to Northern Rock on July 28, 18 weeks ago. A full application plus all supporting paperwork was received by Northern Rock on August 4. On September 1, I was told that it was pre-vetted the day before and would go to valuation in 48 hours. Valuation was eventually done on September 23. Some 19 days later, a mortgage offer finally came through on October 12.

I would like to point out that by this time my client had lost his purchase.

“Never mind,” I said. “You now have a mortgage offer valid for 16 weeks – you have been approved – find another property (same price) and we can go straight to valuation.”

So it came to be that on November 20, a fully completed new application form for a new property (same price) with up-to-date wage slips and another valuation cheque was received by Northern Rock with the previous case number enclosed.

We are now another 14 days on and still a valuation has not been instructed. Despite over 40 phone calls, during which I have spoken to Katie, Jean, Nicola, Jan, Alex, Lynn, Jackie, Danielle, Peter, Hayley, Andrea, Victoria, Ann-Marie and Penny, urgent chases have been done, referrals made to supervisors, passed to managers and line managers, but still a valuation has not been instructed.

What happened to responsible lending? My clients have already lost one property, may lose another and I am being made to look incompetent.

So, as the season of goodwill approaches my message to Northern Rock is clear. How about some service?

Brian Humphreys
The Mortgage Shop
By email