All I want for Christmas is cheaper calls to lenders

Letter of the week - From Michael Norwood

Your campaign for Stamp Duty reform is an admirable one and I will support it. But as the season of goodwill is upon us, may I offer a suggestion that would help mortgage brokers even more. We find ourselves at the mercy of lenders’ ropey online systems and often have to resort to calling them. So, can all mortgage lenders please use an 0845 number for their call centres. This is a low call BT service and not the national rate numbers which can be costly over the course of a year. Ideally, a freephone service would be fantastic but I think that’s unlikely.

The other suggestion I have is for the monies still held by the MCCB. They should be set aside for the unfortunates who are likely to be hit by the FOS in three years’ time for something they are doing now which is within the rules but will not be within the rules when they get the fine.

I would further suggest this is put into a low risk precipice bond, offshore, of course, for rapid growth to cover the huge rise in claims as the general public jumps on the proverbial.

Since I am not an investment adviser, I have probably broken the rules myself and will duly hand myself in to spend Christmas in the nick. At least I can put that stripey jumper I get every year to good use.

From Michael Norwood
Mortgage adviser
c/o HMP The Scrubs
(ex-Mortgages Made Easy!, Belfast)