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We need PIQs like a hole in the head

As from last week, prospective vendors now need a Property Information Questionnaire, in addition to a Home Information Pack, before they can place their home on the market.

At a time when a few faint signs of recovery are pushing their green shoots upward into the spring sunshine, the property market needs this ill-founded initiative like a hole in the head.

Despite assertions that it provides useful upfront information to potential buyers, it adds zero additional value to the existing process. Like HIPs themselves, PIQs add bureaucracy and complication for no worthwhile gain.

And Mike Ockenden, director-general of the Association of Home Information Pack Providers, is living on a different planet if he believes this “upfront information regarding a property will enable buyers to make a more informed decision, making them less likely to pull out later in the process”.

He also claims “PIQs will raise consumer awareness and appetite for HIPs”. What sound bite rubbish.

The reality is that, apart from our intransigent government and those with a vested interest in providing these worthless services, everyone hates them.

The proof of this particular pudding is in the oft-quoted public reaction to these changes in the property transaction process.

Can the entire country really be that wrong? What a waste of taxpayers’ money.


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