Unloved darling

On to brighter things, and Mole was tickled to see the number of anti-Alistair Darling groups on the above-mentioned networking website.

Alistair Darling, You’re Barred is the campaign to have the chancellor barred from every pub in the country for raising taxes on beer.

On the other hand, Alistair Darling – Please Stop It is a group for individuals “who would like Alistair Daring to stop it with his crazy ideas on the economy”.

Meanwhile, the Alistair Darling Is A Thief group accuses the chancellor of “shamelessly stealing the Conservatives’ tax policies and passing them off as his own”.

And then there’s the group that does what it says on the tin – Alistair Darling Is A @*?$. Ahem, it rhymes with cat.