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Thediaryof Doobry Wotsit

I can’t say I’ve taken to online social networking. I joined that thing called Facebook and so far I’ve been poked, hugged and had a sheep thrown at me – all from people who are meant to be my friends.

I don’t mind the hugging but the sheep thing just reminded me of an awful stag party in Wales a couple of years ago.

Anyway, another website I stumbled across was Friends Reunited. I have forgotten most of my friends from school and there are some I wish I had forgotten.

So far, I’ve re-established contact with Deborah and Malcolm (two of the greatest – we always thought they would tie the knot and they did) and Jon (always a bit strange and life doesn’t seem to have treated him well).

I’m seeing Jon next Wednesday and Deborah and Malc on Friday the same week. Weirdly we all live within three miles of each other but I’ve not seen any of them for years.

Deirdre and I started churning my customer base today for the protection desk. She’s been a bit annoying already. I’m not sure how this partnership will pan out.


Magic-Me-a-Mortgage FM just phoned and we’re on again for tonight. My slot got cancelled last week but tonight the station wants a case study on equity release, which is perfect as I’m in the final stages on a magnificent home reversion deal with Gloria and her mother. I’ve phoned and left a message. I know she’ll help me out.


Well, last night didn’t exactly go according to plan. I was hoping Gloria would sort me out for the case study but I didn’t hear anything back despite calling her countless times.

In the end it was Deirdre who came to the rescue and I ended up talking to my radio audience about the benefits of income protection.

It’s not a policy I’ve taken out myself but in these uncertain times it’s one that should fly off the shelf. Since I did the broadcast our protection desk has been inundated with enquiries.


Bad news – in fact terrible news. I feel like crying. Gloria’s mum took a turn for the worse on Tuesday evening and passed away early this morning.

I’m gutted. All that work for a single case and then Gloria’s mum departs before the home reversion deal goes through.

But I’m not going to let this setback get the better of me and have already started to draw up a plan so I can learn from the experience. Catch them before they drop is all I’ll say for now.

Will pop round to see Gloria on the way home. One thing I did do was sort out a will, so all is not lost.


That was an interesting evening with Gloria. I think I handled the situation well. Dierdre has just told me that protection sales are up 200%.

Gloria has just sent me a text. She wants me to attend the funeral on Tuesday. Maybe there’s another opportunity here.


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