Stop moaning – broking is not a bad line to be in

Last week\'s letters pages were filled with negativity as brokers vented their spleen.

In fact, I almost fell off my chair when I read a positive spin on Woolwich improving its broker service until I realised that the letter was written by someone from Woolwich.

So I thought I’d write to say that despite the problems we face, lenders are doing us proud. We get regular updates on which lenders are hot and which are not when it comes to processing, and at present they are all hot.

Woolwich has sorted out its booking lines with more cash and this is appeasing the masses, although we never had an issue as we are directly authorised and a member of every club.

Halifax’s excellent online system is still cruising along and can cope with more – so give us some sexy rates, HBOS bosses.

Even Northern Rock is nudging its way back onto the radar by backing up good rates with excellent service, and it’s good to have it back.

We use a plethora of lenders and I don’t have room to thank them all here but they know who they are.

OK, so dual pricing is favouring branches at present but brokers’ time will come again when lenders need to catch up on their lending targets.

In lean times such as we are experiencing at the moment brokers must focus on the overall value they bring to their clients rather than just chase headline rates.

All things considered, mortgage broking is not a bad game to be in.

Robert Winfield


Chartwell Funding

By email