Get some lead time over the weekend

Everybody wants value for money, especially when times are tough, and buying leads is no exception.

So why not play the system so you can buy at the optimum time to get your hands on leads that offer value for money and the biggest return on your investment.

Most of the established lead generators now offer bidding systems for leads. When you bid for leads, it means you pay a price that is a true reflection of the market value for that opportunity.

As a result, prices fluctuate depending on how many advisers are buying at that time, how much they want to pay for a particular type of client and how many of that lead type are available.

Monday and Tuesday typically see higher numbers of advisers wanting access to new clients to set their workload for the week.

This means that prices are higher at the beginning of the week and during working hours, with another peak at lunchtimes.

By Friday and the weekend or any evening after 7pm, for that matter, what you find is that a lot of advisers stop buying. But consumers haven’t stopped looking.

As many people look for advice outside key working hours, lead prices are lower at these times, allowing you to be instantly in touch with prospective new clients at a fraction of the price you would pay on a Monday morning.

So make every Friday a good Friday by working the system when other advisers are putting their feet up.