Facebook fool

With four days off, Mole thought he\'d take the opportunity to catch up on some of his favourite Facebook groups.

Top of the list is the now famous De-Knight And Strip Sir Fred The Shred Of His Knighthood. Always a good source of cutting remarks – and often the plain truth – Mole was dismayed to find things at the group have taken a turn for the worse.

In fact, they have turned downright rotten, with a racist Facebooker spoiling the fun with some disgusting comments about the fact that many of the individuals involved in the economic crisis are Jewish, including Sir Fred.

Mole thinks it’s sad that this sort of discrimination has to be brought up. Sir Fred may be a greedy so-and-so with little respect for the feelings and livelihoods of others but the fact that he is Jewish has nothing to do with it. Come on Facebookers, play nicely.