Evaluate’s consumer sourcing system upgraded after feedback

Evaluate Technologies has developed its consumer sourcing system to allow users to set the level of broker involvement they require.

Consumers who shop for mortgages online can use the EvaluateConsumer system to request advice from brokers at any stage of the process.

Brokers can also white label the system on their websites to attract clients searching the internet for mortgage products.

The firm has upgraded its system to produce EvaluateConsumer v3.1 following feedback from brokers who have been assessing the Beta version of the software which was launched in November.

The updated system features a homepage that lets clients choose the level of broker service they require and includes a simplified facility for comparing sourcing results.

It also includes a simplified enquiry form and advanced filters so only information that is relevant to users is displayed.

Julie Speed, national accounts director at Evaluate, says: “Brokers and consumers continue to suffer from mortgage comparison websites’ inadequacies.

“These have resulted in a serious decline in the quality of leads and thus brokers’ ability to convert them.”

She adds: “Standards must be improved or the industry will continue to suffer. It is being hampered by this strangulation of the market.”

She says that brokers who enable consumers to take a more active role in the process can gain an advantage in the market that is emerging as a result of the credit crunch.