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Cheap chic

With Easter out of the way and spring well and truly here it’s time to look forward to long, hot days at the beach.

But since the dreaded credit crunch hit and consumers have had to tighten their belts there has been a worry that sunbathers would have to raid their closets for last year’s ill-fitting bikini that couldn’t be less flattering and search out that old pair of shades that are too old to look modern but not old enough to look retro.

But fear not, the 99p store chain has launched a 99p bikini that bears more than a passing similarity to the itsy bitsy black number singer Cheryl Cole was spotted wearing recently.

You can also pick up a 99p pair of sunglasses and a 99p cowboy hat, so for less than £3 you can rival the Newcastle stunner in the beach beauty stakes. How’s that for thrift?


We need PIQs like a hole in the head

As from last week, prospective vendors now need a Property Information Questionnaire, in addition to a Home Information Pack, before they can place their home on the market.

PIQs are another waste of time

The recent introduction of PIQs on top of HIPs is yet another requirement that adds to the cost of putting properties on the market.


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