The Mortgage Mole

Swingball Success

Having repeatedly appeared in Mortgage Strategy’s caption competition Mole thought he’d give Bob Young, managing director of CHL Mortgages, a break this week.

But the picture (right) of Young and CHL staff breaking the Guinness World Record for most people playing swingball was just too good not to use.

In a blockbusting bat and ball performance, 166 CHL employees, family members and representatives from key business partners swingballed against each other for the requisite 10 minutes, ensuring they beat the previous record of 108 people. The record had been held since December 2006 by a company called Gyrate Pty in Sydney, Australia.

“It is a great source of pride and pleasure to be able to congratulate all staff members and our key business partners who took part in last week’s Swingball Record attempt,” a jubilant Young told Mole.

“Few people are able to say they hold a Guinness record but all those who were involved can do so now.”

Good Spirits The Building Societies Association hosted its summer party last week in London as rain lashed down on the capital.

The weather failed to dampen the spirit of Mortgage Strategy hacks Natalie Thomas and Tessa Norman as they made the most of the cocktails on offer. In fact, Mole heard the girls were having such a good time they were accused of luring press officers away from rival journalists.
“We got told off for hogging a press officer but we can’t help it if people enjoy our company,” a mojito-sipping Tessa told Mole.