Parents need cover for student homes

Accommodation in universities is always in demand, but this year requirements are so great that students at Ormskirk’s Edge Hill University in Merseyside have reportedly been shown around Pontins holiday camp as a place to live as the need for student halls has risen so sharply.


There has been much debate on whether parents who choose to buy property for their children to live in while studying are mollycoddling them or not teaching them the meaning of independence.

But as the demand and cost of student accommodation rises some parents buy a property for their children to live in while studying.
As house prices are low, buying a second property is now more manageable for some than it was prior to the recession.

There’s also the investment benefit to consider. Equity invested in the property will increase as prices climb, which will be an attractive proposition for many, especially given the instability of the stock market and economic uncertainty of global markets.

But while the rewards may be attractive for those with enough savings for a deposit on a buy-to-let property, the risks can’t be forgotten.
Two mortgages to cover means greater financial vulnerability unless suitable protection is in place.

Just as students living away from home need cover for their valuables, parents need to ensure the things most valuable to them are covered by reviewing their protection and boosting it as necessary.