Job losses on the cards as Xit2 plans relocation to Kent

Xit2 plans to relocate its head office from Oxford to Kent, which will result in redundancies at the firm.

The mortgage and property outsourcing specialist was acquired by Decision Insight Information Group in January 2011. Xit2 is moving its base from Charlbury to DIIG’s European headquarters in Kent.

Mark Blackwell, managing director of xit2, says the move makes commercial sense as the lease is due to expire on its Charlbury offices.

He says: “The consultation process has started but we will be replicating every role that exists in Oxford in the new office in Kent.

“Some staff will have the choice of being able to work remotely, but others will not be able to make the move for family reasons.”

He says the move will be positive for the firm and will enable it to upgrade its systems. It plans to upgrade its service centre support and contact platform.

Blackwell adds: “This move ensures we are able to maximise the benefits of the technological expertise and resources available across DIIG and look forward to demonstrating enhancements to clients in the months ahead.”