SASSY is more savvy

The One account has identified a new breed of woman who has as sharp an eye for her finances as she does for her power suits.

Shes career-focused, ruthlessly competitive, rising to the top and she doesnt think twice about re-mortgaging her home if she finds a better product that will save her money and suit her lifestyle.

Enter the SASSY woman: Smart, Ambitious, Self-Sufficient, and Young, the SASSY is just as commanding over her money as she is at earning it. With role models such as Charlotte Church, this new breed of woman is emerging across the UK.

Ignorance is not bliss where finances are concerned, and women will not accept their finances sitting down. Women are more willing to take control of their finances and do their homework to make sure they are getting the best deals out there. Ever the savvy shopper, the SASSY regularly checks the market for the most competitive offers on her mortgage, credit cards and investments.

Research by the One account revealed that 43% of women feel they are in control of their personal finances and are doing the best with their money, compared with 37% of men.

Although most men and women know how much they pay each month on their mortgage, 35% of women versus 30% of men shop around for a better deal when their discount period runs out.

Determined not to relinquish control of their finances, 32% of women know their mortgages stand variable rate, and 38% regularly surf the web for best buy tables for their financial products.

The research also found that 44% of females say they would use penalty-free flexible mortgage features to finance their lifestyles rather than pay sky-high interest rates on a credit card or overdraft, versus just 32% of men.

Paul Lloyd of the One account says: “The SASSY woman is emerging as the most formidable figure in todays consumer society. Always the trendsetter, the SASSY is just as eager to make a statement with her personal finances as she is with her sense of style.

“With her mortgage, the SASSY woman shops around and understands the market. She is confident she is getting the best deal that suits her lifestyle. She knows how much she pays each month and will re-mortgage if she finds a more suitable product.

“Whereas many men might ignore areas of their finances as they climb the corporate ladder, the SASSY is keener than ever to make the most of her money. Just because she can afford the finer things in life doesnt mean she wants to spend over the odds when she doesnt have to.”