MX celebrates 10th anniversary

Mortgage Express, the specialist lending arm of the Bradford & Bingley Group, this week celebrated its 10th Anniversary as a niche lender at a rooftop venue in central London.

Tim Dawson, managing director of Mortgage Express, says: “Mortgage Express has worked hard to forge strong relationships with key business and media partners and as such has delivered record volumes in August.”

During his speech, Dawson outlined key milestones, including the purchase of MX by Bradford & Bingley in 1997, its first 1bn securitisation of buy-to-let in 2001, and the launch of its Lifetime range in 2003.

He also noted the launch of self-cert in 2005, which now brings in 20% of overall business.

Dawson says: “One of Mortgage Expresss greatest success stories is our highly popular Lifetime mortgage range, launched in 2003. In the space of one short year we achieved a huge 36% of the intermediary lifetime market.

“Our mission statement is clear and one we keep in mind every day – to be the natural choice for innovative mortgage solutions. As such, we plan to continue to dominate the specialist lending markets. We are currently the leading buy-to-let lender and plan to remain so. We also intend to remain a major player in our other specialist markets such as Lifetime and self-cert.”