Lenders should see the RMAR from a broker’s point of view

From Chris French

We have just completed our RMAR. While the industry has gone in for navel-gazing and self flagellation over KFIs, little has been written about the completion by brokers and networks of the RMAR and how this process could be assisted by the product providers.

A good start would be for lenders to highlight in bold and coloured type all cases that are unregulated (buy-to-let etc.) so they can be ignored when aggregating business for the return.

Next, the lenders should be aware that the month end has become crucial to brokers and therefore stop sending commission statements that include completions covering more than one month. They could also help by paying commissions earlier. If our RMAR is to the end of July, we had to have it submitted by 12 September. There’s no use lenders advising us in September of a completion that took place in July. It would be helpful for lenders to advise of completions and commissions by no later than 21st of the following month.

The non-investment providers should not get away with it either. Much of the above applies to them too. We want statements showing a risk date, the monthly or annual premium (and which of these it is), the amount of commission paid (and whether it is indemnified or drip), the class of insurance (and if this is life and CI to split the information up) and to get the information to the broker or network (whatever the arrangements are) no later than 21 days after the month the policy is effected.

The product providers would be treating the brokers and networks fairly if they tried to see the RMAR from our point of view.