Home of Choice plumps for Trigold

The Home of Choice Partnership has chosen Trigold as the exclusive system for its network members.

Trigold has developed a customised version of its Prospector AAA system for Home of Choice that includes branding, panels and proc fees, and also shares client and product information with Home of Choice’s client management system.

The Home of Choice Partnership is a national multi-tied mortgage network designed to take advantage of the advent of mortgage regulation and depolarisation.

It offers residential and commercial lending as well as added-value services to mortgage brokers.

Keith Baldwin, chief executive of Home of Choice, says: “We understand sales professionals and their needs and have built a modern, e-enabled sales process that provides ease of use not available elsewhere.

“The sourcing system operates at the heart of an adviser’s business so it was important we made the right choice for our members.

“There are many reasons why more than 60% of the market uses Trigold but I think it mainly comes down to the fact that it has managed to package the most advanced technology available into a practical and easy to use end-to-end system.

“We considered a dual offering but Trigold offers us everything our members need to support and develop their businesses.”

Bill Safran, chief executive of Trigold, says: “We worked closely with the company to customise our system for its members. Also crucial in the decision was the availability of the Electronic Trading Centre, which allows online submission of the full mortgage applications.