BM Solutions lifetime B2L deals live longer

BM Solutions has today launched a range of buy to let products, including lifetime tracker rates.

Based on the success of previous lifetime tracker products the range also boasts a remortgage deal for those wanting to benefit from a great rate for life without paying costly remortgage fees.

Product details for the lifetime rates on offer are: 5.09% (BBR + 0.59% for life) at up to 85% loan to value, available for
purchases and remortgages; and 5.25% (BBR + 0.75% for life) remortgage deal at up to 85% loan to value, with
free remortgage service and refund of valuation (up to 490).

Both of these products only have early repayment charges in the first three years and the rental calculation is on a payrate basis.

For the full buy to let range which now uses an enhanced rental calculation at 125% of BBR + 0.75%, brokers can visit

Furthermore, all BM Solutions’ buy to let products have portability features which means borrowers can change their property whilst retaining the most suitable rate for their needs.

Martin Reynolds, head of sales, BM Solutions, says: “This great range gives brokers the opportunity to cater for their clients buy to let needs, offering a wide range of features and rates. The fact that all BM Solutions buy to let products are portable, offers a flexibility that many others don’t. Teamed with the lifetime deals, borrowers can benefit from one great lifetime rate whilst retaining portfolio flexibility.”