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This Week’s Dilemma

I have just landed my first broker position but I have only just qualified and am therefore lacking in experience and understanding of what is expected of me. I have joined a small practice and feel I would benefit from support from someone senior who can explain how the firm works and a little about its culture so I can learn how to fit in. How do I go about getting this without becoming a burden to my colleaugues.

Iain Williamson is head of key accounts at BM Solutions

Even those who excel at their studies and gain qualifications have questions about how they should set about a new job.

As you highlight, it’s about adjusting to a new culture as well as a new role. Most people get along by picking up hints and tips from those around them, but the smart thing to do is to think about getting a mentor.

Your mentor doesn’t have to be your manager or even someone in your company. Look beyond that and seek out someone with industry experience, although not necessarily someone working in the same technical area as you. The important thing is to establish a relationship of trust with someone who understands your ambitions.

A mentor concentrates on maximising your potential and capabilities without focussing on specific skills or past performance. A mentor doesn’t concern themselves with areas such as discipline or assessment as you might encounter with a manager.

Instead, a mentor provides an impartial sounding board for you to discuss any issues in confidence. The advantage of this approach is that it will provide stability throughout your career when you move roles or want to discuss your career path.

Best of all, you set the agenda since the focus is on your aspirations and your needs. And if you manage and develop the relationship yourself, it has the potential to create opportunities for you in the future.


Website to boost Sharia mortgages

A website has been launched to advertise Shariacompliant mortgages and financial products from UK lenders. IslamicMortgages. is intended to help the UK’s Muslim population get onto the property ladder.

DCLG has already spent more than 11m on HIPs

The government has already spent more than 11m on preparation for the introduction of Home Information Packs on June 1.The money was spent between April 2004 and the end of January 2007.In a written answer to a question from Caroline Spelman, Tory shadow secretary of state for the Department of Communities and Local Government, housing […]

Crackdown on crime

The regulator is focussing on mortgage fraud and will come down hard on bad apples amd firms that do not have the appropriate checks and balances in place, says Stephanie Spicer

DCLG publishes January house price index

The mix-adjusted average house price in the UK in January 2007 stood at £205,286, up from £201,090 in December 2006, government figures reveal. The Department of Communities and Local Government’s house price index for January shows UK annual house price inflation in January 2007 was 10.9%, up from 9.9% in December 2006. Annual house price […]

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Pension freedom: wish you were here?

Out there lies a warm ocean of desert islands, sun, sand and palm trees, where individuals can choose how and when to tax-efficiently access their pension fund and realise the retirement dreams they have worked so hard for.


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