The Mortgage Mole


On a jaunt to the Financial Services Scotland mortgage trade show in Glasgow last week, Mole was his characteristically helpful self when he encountered a crowd of tartan-clad elderly ladies wandering around the exhibition hall. They were keen to find out how to subscribe to Mortgage Strategy, but when Mole explained they needed to be CeMAP-qualified, one asked whether it was a particularly advanced certificate in cross-stitching. Mole quickly deduced they were stragglers from the craft fair in the hall next door and ushered them on their way.

Little Bo Payne

As 2007 advances, The Mortgage Business is already thinking ahead to its 2008 calendar which will run alongside its advertising campaign. The lender has its staff dressed as superheroes in its 2007 calendar and its ongoing media campaign. Mole had a chat with Nigel Payne, the firm’s managing director, to see if he had any ideas about the next fancy dress foray. Payne admitted there were a few ideas flying about but he wasn’t so keen on a nursery rhyme theme. “Whatever we do, I’m not dressing up as Little f***ing Bo Peep,” Payne told Mole, who was disappointed to find out he would not be seeing Payne in a pretty bonnet.


Those sadistic chaps at TMB have convinced Mortgage Strategy’s entire editorial team (bar token coward, reporter Lee Jones) to jump out of a plane for charity. However, this means that they’ll need your help. If you want to support the MS team (and the TMB public relations people say our parachutes will only work if we stump up enough cash), email robert.thickett


After a long string of dire results at various industry quiz nights, the Mortgage Strategy editorial team and Mole were not confident of victory at this year’s Nationwide quiz night, held at the Rainforest Café in London’s Piccadilly. Hosted by Adrian Chiles, presenter of BBC’s Match of the Day 2, the questions seemed as fiendishly difficult as ever but with the help of Tamsin Hemsley and Kirsty Ivanofski, Nationwide’s London PR team, Mole and his Cheeky Mortgage Monkeys dug deep and pulled off a resounding victory in the face of stiff competition.

Mole just hopes this win will not put pressure on the already highly-strung team to shine at any future industry quiz nights.

Way to go

Mortgage Strategy columnist and personal finance editor of The Scotsman Rosemary Gallagher has signed up to do the Caledonian Challenge in June to raise money for charity. She swears to Mole it’s got nothing to do with necking whisky and instead involves walking half the West Highland Way – about 50 miles – in 24 hours. To sponsor Rosie, email her on and help her raise money for a variety of good causes.