reveals townhouse boom says townhouses have experienced the biggest growth across new build, making up 10.8% of the new homes mix in the UK.

The website says while this property type has previously been found predominately in London and the South-East, the townhouses popularity is spreading with an increasing number of these three storey, city living homes now becoming widespread in key cities across the country.

David Bexon, managing director at, says: The townhouse is a highly versatile property that appeals to a wide range of buying groups.

“This includes young families, looking for an increased amount of space; young professionals looking to move out of an apartment to take their second step up the property ladder and retirees, who are looking to downsize from their large family home, but who are still looking for a well-sized property offering flexible space.

The average price of a new townhouse is 238,822, compared with 243,351 for a semi-detached home and 316,395 for a detached property.

Bexon says: Historically, townhouses were predominately found in London and the South-East.

However, the growing demand for these property types, particularly in the North and North-West, has seen this affordable property become commonplace throughout the UK, with large cities including Manchester and Leeds leading this revolution.