Sloppy service turns clients’ dreams into nightmares

I wish lenders would think about their customers, staff and brokers when they have market-leading rates sitting at the top of sourcing systems.

When I worked for a lender that is still a leader when it comes to service, it was emphasised to me that a mortgage is not only one of the biggest financial commitments of a customer’s life, it is also a vehicle for fulfilling a dream.

So why do these organisations feel they can provide sloppy service and turn people’s dreams into nightmares?

The answer is that they are profit-driven and greedy. They know that to be compliant and secure sales, brokers are often forced to recommend the best deals monetarily even when they know that the lenders involved are likely to cause them and their customers a world of hurt.

I recently wrote a letter about complaints I made to two lenders about their poor service (Mortgage Strategy February 19). Neither has replied.

However, one day after a complaint was sent to C&G Lorna, the branch manager, called me. Not only did she apologise for the service issues but also financially reimbursed my customer. Brilliant. We are all human and we all make mistakes but the way people sort these mistakes out separates the wheat from the chaff.

Lenders, if you are going to launch market-leading rates to attract business, first give us at least five days’ notice before pulling them. Second, pull them before you get to the stage where you are three weeks behind your service level agreement before even looking at cases.

Lorna, thanks for your help. C&G, you should thank Lorna too. You will get more business from me, but not until you get back on track with your service.

Richard Dicks
Mortgage Advice & Protection Solutions
By email