Me & My Car

In stark contrast to my previous commuting vehicle - a London Underground train - my Audi A4 is comfortable, sleek and performs well, says Mark Maguire

Picture this. Travelling to work every day in a vehicle that does not like wind or rain. A vehicle that breaks down when it’s too hot and stalls when it’s too cold. A vehicle that is spacious but the 150 passengers sitting or standing next to you spoil that.

Comfort and reliability are two words I would not use to describe my journey to work on the London Underground – a journey which until recently was an everyday trauma.

So imagine my joy when I traded all that in for the comfort of my Audi A4. This car deals with the unpredictable British weather with ease and it even quite likes leaves, unlike Metropolitan Line trains.

Trading in the heated seats of Met trains – which don’t work in the winter but in the summer burn the back of your legs – for the Audi’s heated seats was a bonus. Switching on the Audi’s climate control was another. London Underground’s version of climate control involves sticking your head out of a window and breathing deeply before turning back to the armpit of a fellow traveller.

Granted, I spend most of my commute stuck in traffic and I am conscious that my previous choice of travel was better for our environment but at least the comfort factor now is second to none.

And being the music lover I am, the addition of a CD player is an improvement on standing next to someone whose iPod volume is almost loud enough for me to hear the lyrics of their favourite songs.

Also, the hands-free kit I have had fitted means I can contact people or be contacted in transit without annoying fellow passengers by bellowing into my mobile phone while wrestling with my broadsheet.

So, a great lifestyle change and a good choice of vehicle. The Audi is comfortable, sleek, performs well and best of all is my space. 10 out of 10.