Labour has spent £6m on HIP consultants

The government has been branded a \"meddling force\" after it admitted spending £6m on consultants in the run-up to the June 1 implementation of Home Information Packs.

Under a Freedom of Information Act request it was revealed that the government has spent the money hiring consultants to implement the compulsory introduction of HIPs.

Jim Gillespie, chairman of the Home Inspectors Organisation, a group of 350 disgruntled trainee home inspectors, has slammed the government, citing this overspend as an example of its lack of understanding of the housing industry.

He says: “Thanks to the government messing around, HIPs are now not fit for purpose. The problem is the government lacks credibility. It has wasted too much time kite-flying and this overspend proves that. The government has become a meddling force, interfering with things it doesn’t understand.”

But Mike Ockenden, director of the Association of Home Information Pack Providers, says: “We commend the government for spending this money on consultants from the industry rather than going about HIP implementation itself.

“HIPs are having to be coordinated over several areas of the industry so I think the £6m figure is fair.”

The Department of Communities and Local Government declined to comment on the consultants’ fees.