InterBay launches seminars in Northern Ireland

InterBay has launched seminars in Northern Ireland, to educate brokers about commercial mortgages.

Anna Bennett, head of marketing at InterBay, says: Following the successful inception of InterBay in England in May last year, we started operating in both Scotland and Northern Ireland in October.

I am delighted to announce that we have just kicked off with the first of our series of business building seminars in Northern Ireland giving advice to intermediaries on commercial mortgages and have been met with a very enthusiastic response.

The first seminar was attended by 37 brokers and was really interactive and positive!

Sally Williamson, business development manager for InterBay in Northern Ireland, says: Ive worked with brokers in Northern Ireland for six years, and theres nothing like InterBay in this marketplace.

Its great to hold training sessions like this for brokers and the response has been fantastic.

Brokers seem very keen on our programme and are seeing it as a great opportunity to add another string to their business bow.

Kieran Byrne, mortgage broker at Byrne and Associates attended the seminar and says: This seminar was a real eye opener to the opportunities in the commercial mortgage market.

It has given me the education I need to get started; and plenty of helpful hints on where to start looking for commercial business.

Bennett adds: Were very pleased with the level of business activity weve seen since our launch in Northern Ireland.

So far, we have mainly seen semi-commercial and office properties come up in applications, however we have also received a few applications for traditional Irish pubs.

We are looking forward to building long lasting relationships with brokers and packagers in this new marketplace and ensuring that we are offering the best service we can.