GMAC-RFC climbs best employer table

GMAC-RFC is up to number 32 in the Sunday Times\' latest \'Best 100 companies to work for\' table.

The firm is the only mortgage len-der to be included in the annual list and has jumped 36 places from number 68 last year.

The listing ranks companies in terms of leadership, management, personal growth, employee wellbeing and whether employees feel they get a fair deal.

Employees are also asked to complete anonymous questionnaires that give them the opportunity to supply feedback on their experiences at their companies.

GMAC-RFC attributes its ascent in the table to spending £150,000 on further education for its employees last year. It also spent £800,000 on staff entertainment, and even held an information seminar in Channel 4’s Big Brother house. The lender re-cognises the importance of good management and re-wards its staff for showing leadership qualities.

For example, it is sending 60 of its most successful team leaders on a Baltic Sea cruise.

GMAC-RFC says the key to its success boils down to its employees. It adds that engaging with staff not only makes the company a happier and more productive place to work but also promotes it to future applicants.

Stephen Knight, executive chairman of GMAC-RFC, says: “People need to feel good about the company they work for. Not only do you then get talented people coming to work for you, but they don’t want to leave.”