Do you think Stamp Duty is becoming a barrier to home ownership?

Last week, Halifx revealed there has been a 281% increase in the number of home sales that attract 3% Stamp Duty over the past five years. With 279,408 homes priced above the 250,000 threshold it means 19% of home buyers were hit with Stamp Duty Bills of at least 7,500.

So, this week Mortgage Strategy asks Do you think Stamp Duty is becoming a barrier to home ownership?

Sophie Tillquist, 34, product manager

I don’t think Stamp Duty is a problem for higher earners as they can afford that kind of money. It’s more likely to hit medium earners but I guess you just have to accept it.

Anne-Marie Wallestam, 51, chief design coordinator

As the 3% levy is only charged over a threshold of 250,000 it’s not much of a problem, as the people who can afford to buy property at that price will not be too put off by the extra cost.

Amir Raauf, 25, student

I wouldn’t buy a house if it meant paying an extra 7,000 in Stamp Duty. It’s too much. But you’re never going to get away with not paying it.

Neda Rahbari, 27, student

It’s already far too difficult for people to afford property in London and Stamp Duty is just another deterrent. Prices are now so high I don’t think many young people will be able to buy.

Steve Penney, 30, senior broadcast systems engineer

There’s a growing feeling that the government takes money from us in too many ways. There seems to be a tax on everything nowadays.

Kim Collins, 48, producer

Stamp Duty must be a big problem for first-time buyers. It’s not too bad if you are already on the property ladder – especially for buy-to-let purchasers as landlords just factor it into the equation.

Oliver Kouame, 26, senior software engineer

A 3% Stamp Duty levy on properties over 250,000 is not that unreasonable. For lower value properties it would be a deterrent but for higher value properties people just accept it.

Anders Bonvad, 18, student

With the price of property so high and Stamp Duty levels also high I don’t think I will able to afford to buy a house for a long time.

Pegah Jourian, 23, graduate

It is just another way for the government to make money. I’m not in a position to buy anywhere yet but I think it will be a real problem when I am. Stamp Duty is an extra cost for buyers who are already stretched.

Peter Norgaard, 18, student

Stamp Duty puts me off buying. It means I will have to wait longer before I can afford to buy a home.

Julio Pintteiro, 25, delivery driver

I don’t think the government should impose such high taxes on people buying homes. It’s unfair, especially for people struggling to get on the property ladder.

Ivan Betts, 33, director of broadcast operations

I’m going through the buying process now and it’s annoying having to pay a deposit and Stamp Duty as well as other costs. But the property market is strong in this country and the government will tax it as much as it can.