Accord cuts rates across prime range

Accord has slashed rates across its five best-selling prime products.

It now has a three-year fixed at 5.14% with a 1.5% fee and a three-year fixed at 5.49% with a 795 fee, which is also available to existing borrowers.

There is a 100% LTV three-year fixed at 6.14% with a 695 fee, a self-cert three-year fixed at 5.44% with a 1.5% fee available up to 75% LTV, and finally, a 5.64% five-year fixed with a 695 fee which is open to existing customers.

Cate Hillis, head of product development at Accord, says: We’re keen to give intermediaries choice – that’s why we’re offering a selection of three-year fixed rates to suit a range of client needs.

There’s a choice of either a 1.5% fee and excellent rate of 5.14% for clients who want to fix their monthly payments low, or they can choose a 5.49% product with a 795 fee.

We’ve also improved the price of our five-year fixed rate product to 5.64%.

Coupled with enhanced income multiples of up to 5x, we think this product offers outstanding value.